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What is the Portal?

Peverill & Associates Inc. is introducing a new method for you to file your personal income tax returns.  We now have a PORTAL – sadly it is not a portal to the future or the past.  It is a secure method that allows you to send us your tax paperwork, from your computer to ours, without using email.

Already Signed Up?

Advantages of Using the Portal

  • The portal is always open as long as you have the internet where you are.
  • It is easy, just drag and drop your files.
  • The process is faster, no photocopying, no couriers, no email attachments and no trips to Sackville.
  • You will have an electronic copy of your return which you can print if you like and you will be able to send it along to your investment advisors, banks, etc.
  • Less paper being generated for you to file.​

Using the Portal

Here are the steps after you are signed up to the Peverill Portal!

  1. Gather your documents (see our checklists).
  2. You will scan and upload your  slips to the portal.
  3. We will do your return and upload the finished return back to the portal.
  4. You will review it and send the signed authorization form back to us.
  5. We will e-file it for you.

Join our portal today!